SQL 2008 TechNet Webcasts

SQL 2008 TechNet Webcasts


Provided here are links to Microsoft TechNet SQL 2008 Webcasts available in Windows Media Player (WMA), Zune and MP3 format.


SQL-300 What's New In Microsoft SQL 2008

In this session, we will go through an overview tour of the new features of SQL Server 2008, split into four core areas, Enterprise Data Platform, Beyond Relational, Dynamic Development, and Pervasive Insight.


SQL-301 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database Engine Overview and Data Compression

In this session, we will explore the new features in SQL Server 2008. The topics that will be covered are enhancements to the SQL Server database engine and improvements to the T-SQL programming language.


SQL-302 Microsoft SQL Server 2008: Data Warehousing Enhancements

In this session, we will cover the many enhancements made to data warehousing including the database engine, Integration Services, and Analysis Services.


SQL-306 SQL Server 2008: Performance Monitoring using Management Studio

The main objective of the session is to introduce you to Performance Studio.


SQL-308 Reporting Services with SQL Server 2008 - Architecture drill down

This session will discuss the SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Architecture and how this redesigned architecture makes SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services modular and scalable.


SQL-309 What's New In Business Intelligence

In this session, we will be primarily focused on SQL Server Business Intelligence. More specifically, we will focus on Reporting Services and Analysis Services.



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