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AppDeploy Training Videos provide point and click instructions to describe and illustrate Windows Installer, application deployment and other desktop administration topics.

New AppDeploy Webinar Now Available!

The latest in a series of AppDeploy webinars is now available on-demand. The topic is "Windows Vista SP1 for Administrators" and it covers Windows Vista adoption, mitigation of key concerns, admin-related changes introduced, deployment options and more. Watch it now!

Windows Installer

Repackaging Best Practices
running time 21:45
This video presentation explains several best practices pertaining to repackaging, very helpful regardless of the software you use. More...

Dealing with InstallScript for Administrators
running time 18:30
Covers the issues surrounding InstallShield's InstallScript and how it can affect deployment scenarios along with three demos showing ways to deal with the problem. More....

Determining Transform (MST) File Contents
running time 10:29
Discusses Windows Installer Transforms (MST) and how you can determine the contents of a MST using popular tools like AdminStudio, Package Studio and ORCA. More....

Windows Installer AppSearch
running time 21:03
Covers AppSearch - including how to show the value of the AppSearch property in a Windows Installer Dialog, how to use it as a condition for a custom action and using it as a launch condition. More...

Creating Custom Actions With InstallShield AdminStudio
running time 16:01
This video presentation and demonstration provides a technical overview of Windows Installer custom actions and how they may be employed using InstallShield AdminStudio. More...

Creating Custom Actions With Wise Package Studio
running time 13:50
This video presentation and demonstration provides a technical overview of Windows Installer custom actions and how they may be employed using Wise Package Studio. More...

Repackaging With Wise Package Studio
running time 19:20
This video describes repackaging and walks you through the process of repackaging a sample application (WinZip v9) using Wise SetupCapture. More...

Troubleshooting the Windows Installer
running time 34:34
This video presentation discusses Windows Installer error codes, controlling logging and generating logs as well as reading and interpreting these logs. Includes two demonstrations of freeware SDK tool usage. More...

Creating A Clean Packaging Environment
running time 8:09
This video provides a step-by-step guide to creating a clean environment in which you may repackage application setups. More...

To Repackage or Not to Repackage
running time 37:12
This video presentation is a higher quality redelivery of the Webinar offered online in October of 2007. It covers the pros and cons of repackaging versus making use of any automation support offered by vendor provided legacy setups. More...

Packaging Adobe Reader
running time 9:54
This free video shows how to extract the Adobe Reader source files, create an installation point, create a customized MST with InstallShield Tuner and how you may build a command line installation string to take advantage of it all. More....

Desktop Deployment

Leveraging Preinstallation Environments
running time 44:52
This video presentation offers information about Windows PE and BartPE as Preinstallation environments that may be used to support the deployment of Windows, and also as a recovery and troubleshooting tool. Background as well as the pros and cons of each solution are discussed along with demonstrations of each.  More....

Intro to Windows PE v2.0
running time 16:10
This video discusses Windows PE, a new DOS replacement for Windows based on the Windows Vista kernel. The video discusses the benefits and limitations of this new tool and demonstrates how to customize your own Windows PE image using command line tools such as ImageX and PEImg. How to install a network card driver (VMware is used in the demo) into the mounted file-based image is covered as well as how to install packages such as MDAC, HTA, Scripting and XML. In addition to showing you how to build a Windows PE image, you are also shown how to create a bootable ISO image and how to prepare a USB memory drive as a source for your customized, bootable Windows PE image.  More....

Working with ImageX and Windows PE
running time 18:50
This walks the viewer through how to use ImageX and Windows PE to create an image of a Windows Longhorn Server, sysprep it, and apply it to a fresh system. The same steps also apply to imaging Windows Vista! The file-based images generated ImageX (WIM Files) are hardware independent and may be applied to differing hardware without concern for HAL incompatibilities associated with binary images. Finally, ImageX is a tool that may be used to create images of pre-Vista systems such as Windows XP as well which makes this both a very valuable and free tool worth getting familiar with.  More....

Remote Installation Services (RIS)
running time 25:54
This video shows how you may use RIS to deploy Windows XP SP2 from a Windows 2000 server in fully unattended mode. From RIS installation and configuration, to slipstreaming Windows XP SP2, customizing the SIF (unattended answer file) and even including additional scripts and source files to automate the installation of additional software following the installation of Windows XP. More....

Community Research in Deployment Process
running time 16:07
This video covers some different integration points for formalizing the inclusion of "community research" as a valuable step in your package development process. More....

1E Free Tools - SMS / ConfigMgr 2007

Program Clone Wizard

The Program Clone Wizard is an MMC snap-in for the Administrator Console. It extends the right mouse click menu for a single SMS/ConfigMgr Program allowing you to run a simple wizard which duplicates the Program and sets it to run using Nomad Enterprise.

Date: 16 Aug 2006   Size: 234 Kb

Program Clone Script

This download contains a vb script which allows you to make a copy of an existing SMS/ConfigMgr Program which is configured to use Nomad Enterprise. This automates the task of converting your existing SMS/ConfigMgr Programs to use Nomad Enterprise.

Date: 08 Aug 2006   Size: 8.62 Kb


Easily monitor and investigate multiple log files in a single consolidated view. This free tool allows you to compare log file entries from different files side-by-side. It supports the following features: multiple file sets; file and entry highlighting; date and time management and sorting and filtering.

Date: 24 Oct 2005   Size: 276 Kb

Program Pre-pend Script

This download contains a sample vb script which allows you to pre-pend your existing SMS/ConfigMgr Program command lines with the text "SMSNomad.exe". This automates the task of converting your existing SMS/ConfigMgr Programs to using Nomad Enterprise.

Date: 03 Sep 2005   Size: 7.26 Kb


SMSOrganiser is a free tool from 1E for Microsoft SMS 2003 SP1. This handy tool enables you to easily drag and drop your SMS Packages into folders using a simple user interface. This product requires SMS 2003 SP1.

Date: 04 May 2005   Size: 46.7 Kb


ProgEditor is a utility that can be used to edit SMS Programs command lines and attributes. The utility gives you a better view when the command line is very long.

Date: 06 Apr 2005   Size: 75.7 Kb

Client Master

A simple SMS 2.0 client installation method run from the SMS Central site using existing Network Discovery information. For Windows NT/2000.

Date: 02 Feb 2005   Size: 823 Kb

SMS Advert Success Rate Reporting

Generates ‘Snap-shot’ reports in Excel of the success rate of SMS Advertisement.

Date: 12 Jan 2005   Size: 484 Kb

User Coll

A command line SMS tool for creating a new user collection from a text file.

Date: 20 Aug 2004   Size: 78.7 Kb


Tracing a chain of dependencies for programs in SMS can be a time consuming business. SMSDependency solves this usability issue by providing visibility of the entire tree of dependencies for a given program in one place.

Date: 21 Jul 2004   Size: 300 Kb

SMS Commander

SMSCommander is an extension for the SMS Administrator Console. It allows you to dynamically run command lines against SMS Resources. Setup these command lines in an ini file and use System Properties as input parameters.

Date: 10 Jun 2004   Size: 444 Kb


This is a simple tool for administrators to diagnose if connection to WMI of the target system can be established.

Date: 12 Sep 2003   Size: 65.9 Kb


An extension to the SMS Administrator Console which enables easy deployment and maintenance of software to single machines using Windows Installer (MSI)

Date: 18 Aug 2003   Size: 508 Kb

User Info

A tool which provides a way of returning custom data to SMS. In this sample, the user's postcode and location are requested. This can be easily altered to return any custom information.

Date: 23 Jun 2003   Size: 6.14 Kb

Client Builder

A simple SMS 2.0 client Installation method run from the client. It is a command line tool which removes and re-installs SMS client components. It can be used to repair faulty client Installation or can be integrated easily into any unattended build or ghosting process. For Windows NT/2000.

Date: 17 Mar 2003   Size: 122 Kb


MSIMaster enhances the SMS product by making Windows Installer product information available within the SMS database. This information adds to the standard Systems Management Server software inventory.

Date: 17 Mar 2003   Size: 208 Kb

SMS Program Wrapper

When deploying software when users may be logged in, SMS Program Wrapper displays a fully customisable dialog box prior to deployment, checks for open applications and provides customisable status MIF handling.

1E Free Tools for ConfigMgr 2007

ConfigMgr tools

Advanced Task Sequence Environment Tool

The TSEnv2.exe is a command line tool that lets administrators manipulate the Microsoft 2007 task sequence environment. It allows them to get, set, list and dump all variables within the OSD Task Sequence environment. This tool also allows changes to ‘read only’ variables that cannot be changed with the original TSEnv.exe which is included in the Configuration Manager 2007 OSD environment.

Date: 11 May 2009   Size: 108 Kb

1E Migration Tool

This tool is designed to allow an SMS Administrator to Migrate all or selected packages and programs from his SMS environment into a System Center Configuration Management (ConfigMgr) environment. The tool has the following features:-

  • The Migration of Package and Program details along with source files
  • Renaming of Package and Program names during migration
  • Direct transfer of packages from your SMS site to ConfigMgr
  • Export to flat file structure from SMS site and Import into ConfigMgr from flat file
  • Exporting of SMSNomad command line settings to new ConfigMgr Nomad tab settings.

Date: 23 Feb 2009   Size: 107 Kb

Service Window

Provides a graphical interface that allows an administrative user to view, add, edit and delete maintenance windows (service windows) on a selected target computer. Maintenance windows define times during which Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007(ConfigMgr) can apply advertisements and software update deployments to the specified computer.
If no windows are specified then the computer can receive advertisements at any time. Administrators may assign advertisements outside any maintenance windows irrespective of what has been set.

Date: 23 Dec 2008   Size: 110 Kb

WMI Permissions Tool

The WMIConfigPerms.exe is a command line to that lets you view and edit the security of a specified WMI Namespace. This tool will allow administrators to silently configure namespaces in preparation for software installs that require modified permissions to install. Examples are configuring permissions for the SMS Admins group on Root\SMS; 1E Shopping service account on Root\SMS; non-administrators on SQL Reporting Services; 1E NightWatchman Console service account on the N1E\WakeUp and SMSWAK namespaces.

Date: 12 Apr 2010   Size: 60.1 Kb

Access to SQL Query Build automatically




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SCCM Expert is a Microsoft Gold Partner and founding member of the Microsoft System Center Alliance. SCCM Expert’s Self Service deeply integrates with System Center Configuration Manager 2007® enabling an automated software request and license management business process.

appSurvey, in Self Service, automates application migration work flow for large scale Windows 7 migrations. Administrators approve and trigger remote migration based on end-user surveys. We help global corporations, education institutions and government agencies:

Veeam Software, 2010 Microsoft Partner of the Year finalist, develops innovative software for managing virtual datacenter environments. Veeam is an active member of the System Center Alliance with solutions complementing Microsoft Core Infrastructure Optimization offerings. Veeam’s PRO-enabled nworks Management Pack provides well-informed monitoring of VMware from within Operations Manager, and integrates with SCVMM to automate administrative and remedial actions. The Management Pack is verified as “VMware Ready” on vSphere4 and VI3, and it is part of Veeam ONE, which provides a single solution to optimize the performance, configuration and utilization of growing, mission-critical virtual infrastructures.

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Redmond magazine provides cutting-edge product, business and how-to information for network professionals, IT managers and IT directors working on the Microsoft Windows platform. Visit our web site for news, analysis, trends, product reviews, roadmaps and best practices. Our readers trust our independent stance on Microsoft, the Windows computing platform and third-party vendors. They come for product information, business strategies and behind-the-scenes insight so they can make better informed decisions for their IT infrastructures.

The Windows IT Pro community is the heartbeat of the Windows IT world – a gathering of people, content, and resources focused on Microsoft Windows technologies and applications. It's a community bringing an independent, uncensored voice to IT managers, network and systems administrators, developers, systems analysts, CIOs, CTOs, and other technologists at companies worldwide. The Windows IT Pro community is marked by its depth of editorial content that allows IT professionals to interact with colleagues, technical experts, analysts, and other thought-leaders.

Patching Related End to end – Collections and reports :-

Below is for a compliance report based on SQL

declare @CollectID AS  varchar(8)
SET @CollectID= 'SMS0001'

declare @CollectionListID AS  varchar(90)
SET @CollectionListID='ScopeId_5432f432-F885-4A98-B666-5432134122/AuthList_F15C63EA-B655-4940-A250-654323fd432'

declare @CI_ID int; select @CI_ID=CI_ID from v_ConfigurationItems where CIType_ID=9 and CI_UniqueID=@CollectionListID

declare @CollCount int, @NumClients int; select @CollCount = count(*), @NumClients=isnull(sum(cast(IsClient as int)), 0)

from v_ClientCollectionMembers ccm where ccm.CollectionID=@CollectID

    'Update List'=al.Title,
    PComputers=convert(numeric(5,2), (isnull(count(*), 0)* 100.00 / isnull(nullif(@CollCount, 0), 1))),
from v_Collection vc right join v_ClientCollectionMembers cm on vc.CollectionID=cm.CollectionID
join v_UpdateListStatus_Live cs on cs.CI_ID=@CI_ID and cs.ResourceID=cm.ResourceID
left join v_StateNames sn on sn.TopicType=300 and sn.StateID=isnull(cs.Status, 0)
left join v_AuthListInfo al on cs.CI_ID=al.CI_ID
where cm.CollectionID=@CollectID
group by vc.Name, sn.StateName, al.Title
order by sn.StateName

<<<<<<<---WQL based query----->>>>> systems will be automatically part of the collection with the name of "2011 Jan Updates" Deployment

select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System  WHERE        SMS_R_System.ResourceID IN (     SELECT        SMS_UpdateComplianceStatus.MachineID        FROM         SMS_UpdateComplianceStatus        JOIN SMS_UpdateDeploymentSummary           ON    SMS_UpdateComplianceStatus.CI_ID = SMS_UpdateDeploymentSummary.CI_ID     WHERE           SMS_UpdateComplianceStatus.Status = "2"        AND SMS_UpdateDeploymentSummary.AssignmentName    = "2011 Jan Updates")


Patching Related End to end – Collections and reports :-

Public SCCM 2007 Right Click Tools : TWO different versions available

One from Dan Ireland

Second One from Rick Houchins